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New MileTrack GPS Dashboard Released

The new MileTrack GPS dashboard has been released. This new version is Web-based instead of flash-based so it should perform on tablets as well as desktop/laptop devices. Mobile functionality isn’t 100% at launch, but it should be coming down the […]

New Web Interface Sneak Peek

Here at MileTrack GPS, we’ve been working on a new web interface for managing trips and creating reports.  Our current website is based on Adobe Flash/Flex technology which only works on desktop machines. With the increase in tablet and mobile […]

MileTrack GPS at the Innovation Showcase

Exciting news! MileTrack GPS has been selected as one of only 61 Indiana companies to participate in this year’s Innovation Showcase. In an article from VergeStartups highlighting the upcoming showcase, MileTrack GPS was described thusly: MileTrack GPS solves a common […]

Exporting Mileage Report as CSV

CSV, or Comma-Separated-Values file format can be useful for moving data around. In the case of some of our users, we’ve received requests that they need to move their trip report data into various accounting or payroll packages such as […]

MileTrack Dashboard 1.3.7 Released

A New version of the MileTrack Dashboard management application has been released to our servers. Version 1.3.7 contains minor enhancements to streamline the management of trips as well as prepare for some future enhancements. The most notable feature is the […]

New U.S. Mileage Rates for 2013

The IRS has released new standard mileage rates for 2013. You can read more about the rate changes on the IRS Website. Standard Mileage Rates for 2013 If your current user settings were set to the previous U.S. mileage rates, […]

MileTrack GPS for iPhone is Here

It’s been a long journey, but MileTrack GPS for iPhone has finally arrived as a free download. Please spread the word to your friends, contacts, and acquaintances if you’re a MileTrack fan! iPhone Tutorial

What’s Next?

We’ve been busy listening to you our users and implementing your ideas to make your tracking experience even simpler. We recently pushed out an update to the online dashboard that allows you to set a timezone for your downloaded reports. […]

Automatic Trip Descriptions

So, you’re an avid MileTrack fan. You enjoy tracking your trips and generating reimbursement reports each month. You also are very organized and like to keep all of your trips labeled with a nice description. After awhile though, it becomes […]

Mapquest Maps API

We’ve recently made a switch from Google to Mapquest to display our trip maps. On Sept. 2nd, 2011, Google deprecated their Flash API. This means that for 3 years, they’ll continue to support it, but after that… no promises. […]

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