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Using Expensify with MileTrack

Let’s face it. Most expense reporting software sucks. It’s painful to navigate and you feel like you need to be a board-certified CPA in order to use it. Enter Expensify… Expense reports that don’t suck! Expensify streamlines the entire process […]

MileTrack Summary Reports

As MileTrack grows, we’ve had the pleasure of not only serving individuals wanting to track their mileage, but companies as well. In many cases, each employee at a company simply uses our tracking device to record their mileage. The employees […]

Geofence Tracking

What is a Geofence? A Geofence is a pre-defined area made up of a list of latitude/longitude points on a map. The simplest form of geofence is circular and made up of a single latitude/longitude point along with a radius […]

SSLv3 POODLE Security Vulnerability

Yesterday, Google posted a security bulletin about the SSLv3 protocol. This is an older system of securing HTTPS websites. I wanted to let you know that we’ve disabled SSLv3 on all of our servers and that your data remains secure. […]

The Future of Driving

Driving in the future will look different than it does today.  Electrics, hybrids, self-driving cars, hyperloops, and drones. These are a few of the innovations we have seen or are being dreamed up to fulfill our future transportation needs. But […]

The INnovators with Dr. K

We were recently invited to sit in the “Hot Seat” for an Indiana state-wide television program. The INnovators with Dr. K is a monthly segment on Inside Indiana Business TV with Gerry Dick. Dr. Kuratko, or Dr. K as he’s known, […]

Genetic Algorithm Trip Matching

One of the great things about using our custom device to track mileage is that it gives you access to the Auto-Trip Description feature. The server learns what trips you take. If it recognizes a trip similar to one you’ve already […]

Open for Business

Dear MileTrack Family, It has been over 3 years since I started a software project as a hobby to help me keep track of my mileage while driving around town for my little software development consulting business. Since that time, […]

Introducing MileTrack Charts

We’ve been securely collecting, protecting, and storing your mileage data for almost 3 years now.  Isn’t it time we put some of that data front and center in all its beautiful glory? Since the new dashboard interface for MileTrack was […]

Mobile Browser Support

The MileTrack GPS dashboard has been enhanced so that it can run on the smaller screens of phones and tablets. Most of the noticeable changes are on the trips screen. Instead of both the trip list and map being visible […]