Device Setup

After unboxing your device(s), you should notice an ESN code (electronic serial number) on the back. Make a note of it and then login to the Dashboard.

Navigate to Settings->Manage Users. The ESNs of the device(s) you’ve purchased are in a list on the right. They need to be associated to user accounts so that the trips they record end up in the proper place.

Manage Users

Manage Users

Select the device ESN in the list to the right, then select the associated user in the list to the left. Press the Blue arrow to assign the device.

To add additional users under your management account, click the blue + button. After entering the user’s information, they will be sent an email to approve that you should be allowed to manage their account and assign devices to them.

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What does the blinking light mean?
The device has different blink codes to let you know what it’s doing. Slow blink – Initializing. Flickering rapidly – Sending and receiving data. Fast Blink – Close to acquiring GPS Lock. Solid ON – GPS Locked and Tracking.
Device won't turn off when vehicle turns off
Some vehicle power outlets are always on. Try to use a power outlet that turns off when the vehicle turns off. Many vehicles are equipped with some that stay on and others that will turn off. You can also purchase a Dashboard Kit from our online store. It contains a switch that allows you to simply turn off the device when not in use.
Trip map is inaccurate or missing segments
The device needs a decent view of the sky in order to get a good GPS fix on your location. Unplug the device and plug it in so that the MileTrack GPS logo is pointed toward a window. The internal GPS antenna is omni-directional, but you may have to try different orientations to get the best signal. Unplug the device, rotate it 1/4 turn, and plug it back in. Don’t try to rotate the device while plugged in. Doing so could break or damage the device. If available, try a different vehicle outlet. You can also get our Dashboard Kit that allows you to mount the device where it will have a good view of the sky. Visit our online store.
Device turns off while driving
If the device tries to send data to the server on an inactive or delinquent account, the server will tell the device to shut itself off. Check your settings page or ask the device manager at your company to ensure the credit card on file is up to date.
My issue isn't listed here
Contact with your question and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue.