Using Expensify with MileTrack

Let’s face it. Most expense reporting software sucks. It’s painful to navigate and you feel like you need to be a board-certified CPA in order to use it.

Enter Expensify… Expense reports that don’t suck!

Expensify streamlines the entire process from entering expenses, gaining approvals, to exporting expenses to accounting and payroll.

At MileTrack GPS, we pride ourselves in providing pain-free mileage tracking, but mileage tracking is just one piece of the larger expense reporting process. By integrating our solution directly with Expensify we’ve created a win-win situation for our customers. Now, you can painlessly track your mileage using a MileTrack GPS device and with one click, send your mileage report into Expensify where it can be approved and reimbursed by your company.

To get started, click on the new Expensify icon on the MileTrack Dashboard Reports page.

expensify icon