MileTrack Dashboard User Guide

MileTrack GPS is designed to be a 2-component system. The first component is tracking. You use our custom GPS device to track your data. This first component is designed to be as simple as possible. More information on the device and purchasing info can be found on our pricing page.

The second part of the MileTrack GPS system is a Dashboard application that is accessed through our website. This is where you can view maps, categorize and label trips, and create and download reports. In this User Guide, we’ll cover how to do most of the standard tasks through our Dashboard.

1.) Click the Dashboard Login menu item on our website.



2.) If you haven’t yet registered, click the New User Registration link.



3.) Fill in your information and click the Register button.



4.) If you have registered successfully, you should see a message saying that user creation was successful. You will now be able to sign in to the dashboard now.



5.) Go to Settings->Manage Rates to set your reimbursement rates, trip type defaults, and currency/units defaults.



6.) Click Trips at the top to view trips you’ve taken and edit their category and description on a map. Trips are ordered newest (top) to oldest (bottom). Changes are saved automatically 3 seconds after a trip has been modified. A green box will pop up so you know your information for a given trip has been saved. However, you do not need to wait for this notification before moving on to another trip to edit.



7.) To create a report, Select the checkboxes on each trip you want added to the report. Click the green report button, and give your report a name. These trips are now no longer visible on your Trips screen, but have been moved into your report on the Reports screen. From the reports screen, you can download a report in various file formats such as PDF.

Note: If you delete a report from the reports screen, the trips have not been lost. They will just re-appear in the Trips screen. If you’ve made a mistake creating a report such as forgetting to include a trip, simply delete the report, then re-create it with the forgotten trip added.