MileTrack Summary Reports

As MileTrack grows, we’ve had the pleasure of not only serving individuals wanting to track their mileage, but companies as well. In many cases, each employee at a company simply uses our tracking device to record their mileage. The employees themselves don’t ever log into the dashboard.

When a company has many employees, creating an individual report for each one can become burdensome for the one or two individuals tasked with managing mileage. To solve this problem, we’re introducing summary reports.

Unlike our standard report which is a detailed view of one individual, a summary report can contain many employees.

To create a summary report, you must first navigate to the Reports screen and click on the new green Summary Report button.


A summary report is not as detailed as an individual report and only contains a single item for each category of trip (Business, Personal, Medical, Moving, Charitable, Other). For most cases, this is sufficient to ensure that employee mileage reimbursement checks go out with the correct amounts.

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