Open for Business

Dear MileTrack Family,

It has been over 3 years since I started a software project as a hobby to help me keep track of my mileage while driving around town for my little software development consulting business. Since that time, we’ve grown to support over 3000 users across both Android and iPhone. The dashboard has grown from a flash-based website managing a single user at a time into a true modern web portal that can manage large teams of employees.

At times, development would slow down as life gets in the way, but we never lost site of our ultimate goal of being the most pain-free way to track business mileage driven. As part of realizing this goal, we made the decision to become a part of the Internet of Things.

Smartphone apps are certainly more pain-free than pen and paper for mileage tracking, but there is still the issue of forgetting to track trips and the meager battery life on some devices. We dreamed of having a device that would plug into your car that you could then simply forget about and go about your business. You should be focused on YOUR business, not the distraction of tracking mileage.

Today, we’re announcing that we’re open for pre-sales of our MileTrack GPS device.

device rounded small

All major roadblocks and hurdles have been overcome. After designing the technology itself, driving to the middle of nowhere to test cell-tower deserts, enduring nerve-wracking and time-consuming certification processes, we feel ready. There’s still minor stuff yet to do such as streamlining shipping and order fulfillment processes, but those will be tackled quickly as we move forward.

Our devices have been actively driven in the field with support from our prototype testers for the past year. We feel confident that we have a very useful and quality product.

So, thank you for your support in the past and please join us in celebrating our device launch. Spread the word far and wide. MileTrack GPS is officially open for business.

-Andrew Westberg, President

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