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Welcome to MileTrack GPS!

Pain Free Mileage Tracking

Tracking mileage for business manually is in-accurate and wastes your employee’s time … it’s painful. However, every company should keep accurate logs for reimbursement or tax purposes. Using MileTrack GPS eliminates the pain and frustration of tracking mileage.


No more forgetting to log trips. You can ensure that your employees trips are logged with minimal interruption to their job.


MileTrack GPS is designed to be very accurate. It records location once-per-second to ensure that no mileage is missed.

Cost Saving

Processing mileage reimbursement reports takes time. By using our streamlined reports, office staff can process faster.


MileTrack Dashboard

Launch the dashboard after you have taken a few trips with the tracking device. You can categorize your trips and generate reports from the MileTrack dashboard.