If you’re a realtor, the following situation is probably more familiar than you would even like to admit.

You’re sitting in your home, you could be in your office, you could be in the kitchen, it doesn’t matter; but you’re probably on your computer or your phone, or more likely both at the same time. You might be looking at new listings on the MLS, or making some new listings of your own.

You probably have an open house or two this weekend and a couple showings every day until then; some showings are close to where you live, some are so far away you wonder if it is even worth your while to go. You are going to go anyway, it’s your job as a realtor after all.

It’s 4:30 and your 5:00 o’clock showing is creeping up on you and as you’re getting your coat on, your phone rings, it’s another client, you grab your brief case, run out the door— your still on the phone no doubt— and jump in your car, off to your showing.

You’re too busy to look at the clock, you’re too busy to look at your car’s odometer, and you drive off in a rush. The showing goes well— this is a good day— you’re busy with the client and paper work, you finally get home around 8:30, throw your keys on the side table, hang up your coat in the hall closet, and are glad to be back home for the night and that the day is finally over.

Did you remember to look at your odometer when you got home? No.

Did you remember to record your mileage in your logbook? No.

Does it matter? No.


Because you know yourself. You know how busy your life is as a realtor, and how forgetful you can become when things get super busy, that’s why months ago you got MileTrackGPS.

Now you don’t have to worry about looking at your odometer, logging your miles, categorizing your trips, or worrying about having the right mileage records when tax season comes around because you MileTrackGPS does it all for you.