You’re sitting in your office while your sales team is out on the road making their rounds.

You want to check up on them, but their busy and you don’t want to distract them or appear to be micromanaging them while they are doing their job.

What do you do?

You can wait until your weekly sales meeting, or until you see them back in the office, but you want some feedback now not later.

Is there a way to manage them without getting in their way?


One of the most useful features of the MileTrackGPS Dashboard is its radar screen management tool. The radar screen allows you (the manager) to poll any or all of the devices that are in the field and see their current location. This allows you to manage your sales team (it could be any type of team) without micromanaging or being intrusive.

We built MileTrackGPS for Teams to not only streamline the process of mileage reimbursement for organizations, but also to help you manage your teams when they are out in the field.

MileTrackGPS for Teams is an automatic mileage reporting solution, but it can also be used as a small scale fleet management tool, so you can see where your team members are at all times.

The insights gained from being able to view the movement of your teams in real time will allow you to build more accountability and efficiency into your business process, and help your business grow.

When you use MileTrackGPS for Teams, you are not only getting a great mileage reporting solution but you are also getting the benefits of a logistics management tool as well.

The value you get out of MileTrackGPS depends entirely on how you use it.

Whether you simply want a streamlined way to reimburse your team members without all of the headache of doing it the old way, or you want to manage your sales team in real time and use it more like a dynamic management tool, MileTrackGPS for Teams is a great solution.

In fact, we encourage you to use MileTrackGPS for Teams in any way that benefits your organization. Our mission is to help you achieve your business goals in a more responsible, accountable, and efficient way.