The road, travel, journeys, voyages, expeditions, simple daily trips, client visits, doctor’s appointments, coming home.

We move: to, from, across, and away. With maps or without, planned or impromptu, we zig and zag, we make our way, tacking like ships to destinations known and unknown.

How can we keep track of our traveling? How will we know where we’ve gone after we’ve been there and left again; gone home? How will we keep a record?

In life, what is of most importance? Is arrival meaningful in and of itself, or is it the journey we must take before arriving that gives the arrival its meaning?

“It’s the road, not the inn,” Cervantes has Don Quixote so concisely reminds us in the beginning of his great novel. And Shakespeare, in his play The Merchant of Venice, tells us that “All things that are, are with more spirit chased than enjoyed.”

Look back on your own life and ask yourself, how often you have worked for something and achieved it only to feel a strange emptiness overtake you as if something has irrevocably been lost?

Surely, it’s the journey, not the destination that gives life its meaning and importance.

And since it’s all about the journey, shouldn’t we have some way of keeping track of what we experience and where we go along the way?

Shouldn’t we have some way of making sense of where we have been and what we have done, some way of keeping a record, of writing a personal history of sorts? Of course we should, and we do.

At MileTrackGPS we are committed to helping you keep track of where you go and how you got there. This concept is simple, but without a record of where we’ve been, how will we know who we are, or what all of our movement has been for?

MileTrackGPS is here to help you keep track and make sense of your travel.

Travel with purpose, intent, and efficiency.

Keep Track of your Travel with MileTrackGPS.