We are all in the middle of tax season, and our thoughts have inevitably turned analytic and statistical.

We have procrastinated long enough and have inevitably begun to don our green visors and become accountants, form fillers, and number crunchers, looking everywhere for ways to keep our money.

This is just the way of things. There are two certainties in life, we have been told: death and taxes.

And while tax season is upon us, hopefully after reading this short blog, you will have learned something to make your tax season feel less dreary and less deathly, so you can file your taxes and enjoy the end of winter and the beginning of early spring without all the morbid thoughts.

One of the best ways to save money this tax season is to submit mileage reports for all the miles you drove in the past year that were for business, charitable, medical, or moving purposes.

But to submit mileage reports requires that you kept an accurate and timely mileage logbook of all of your deductible trips (click here for IRS standard mileage rates for 2019).

How many of us did this well?

We’re not sure, but for years we’ve known that there has to be a better, more reliable, and compliant way to do this than just jotting down approximate trip mileage in a small paper notebook after we’ve arrived at our destination.

Now there is. We call it MileTrackGPS.

We started MileTrackGPS to make mileage logging easier and less stressful.

One of our original customers recounted to us what a nightmare his mileage logging experience was before he started using MileTrackGPS, saying,

I despised tracking mileage when I used my personal vehicle for business purposes. If I didn’t forget to write down the starting odometer reading when I left, you can bet I forgot to write down the ending odometer reading when I got back. Sometimes I forgot both. 

Then it was off to Google Maps to re-trace my route and logically deduce what the odometer readings must have been for my trip. And don’t even get me started what to do when part of the trip was really a personal errand I decided to run while I was out. 

Now take that experience and multiply it by hundreds and you can easily imagine how chaotic tax season can become if you don’t have a reliable, easy to use, mileage logging and reporting system like MileTrackGPS.

We started MileTrackGPS to help you keep track of what’s yours: your miles, your money, your time, oh, and your sanity.

Prepare for next year’s tax season now by taking a look at how MileTrackGPS can help you keep track of what’s yours.