$25 MileTrack GPS device.

$25 Start-up Fee includes activation and first month of service.

Annual Subscription Service: $185 per year.

Monthly Subscription Service: $19 per month.

The MileTrack GPS mileage tracking device is the easy and efficient way to track mileage. It also provides audit confirm of travel dates and times. Users simply plug it into the car and drive. When it powers up, the device starts recording a trip. Forgetting to log trips or retro-compiling mileage reports is a thing of the past. The device will automatically send user’s trip information securely into a MileTrack GPS database account through the Verizon Wireless network. MileTrack GPS manages the relationship with Verizon as part of the subscription service.

The tracking device is great for managing a whole team of employees all from a central account, or letting employees manage their own account and just submit their reports. By using MileTrack GPS technology, you can be sure that the mileage they submit is accurate and complete.

Mobile App

Free to download, includes first month of service. (Not currently available)

Annual Subscription Service: $60 per year. (Not currently available)

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