We Completely Redesigned & Rebuilt MileTrackGPS

When we redesigned and rebuilt MileTrackGPS we did it with the goal of making it a simple and easy to use tool that could add value to two particular sets of users: individuals and teams.

And for the last six months, we have been rebuilding and redesigning all aspects of MileTrackGPS, including a complete redesign and rebuild of the device, mobile app, and dashboard. We also completely changed and improved the branding and marketing, including a new website, new logo, and new color scheme.

MileTrackGPS is very different than it was when it started back in 2014.

In addition to all of the technical and design changes we have made over the last several months, we have also recommitted ourselves to providing our customers with the best mileage reporting solution on the market today.

We Rebuilt MileTrackGPS for Individuals & Teams

When we were developing our redesign strategy we wanted to make sure that the new MileTrackGPS would be useful for individuals looking to keep track of their everyday mileage, as well as being useful to small organizations looking to manage their teams. Whether sales teams, field service teams, small distributors, or any other team that could benefit from a simple, easy to use mileage logging and mileage reporting system.

A Mileage Reporting Solution for Individuals & Teams

Field Healthcare

Real Estate

Distribution Companies

Sales Teams



MileTrackGPS is a great mileage reporting solution for individuals, and its also one of the best mileage reporting and team movement management tools available on the market.

We built MileTrackGPS for teams to not only streamline the process of mileage reimbursement for organizations, but also to help team managers to better and more easily manage their teams out in the field.

MileTrackGPS for Teams is an automatic mileage reporting solution, but it can also be used as a small scale fleet management tool, so you can see where your team members are at all times.

The insights gained from being able to view the movement of your teams in real time will allow you to build more accountability and efficiency into your business process, and help your business grow.

When you use MileTrackGPS for, you are not only getting a great mileage reporting solution but you are also getting the benefits of a logistics management tool as well.

The value you get out of MileTrackGPS depends entirely on how you use it.

Whether you simply want a streamlined way to reimburse your team members without all of the headache of doing it the old way, or you want to manage your sales team in real time and use it more like a logistics tool, MileTrackGPS for Teams is a great solution.

In fact, we encourage you to use MileTrackGPS in any way that benefits you or your organization.

Simply put, our mission is to help you carry out yours.